Port of Kiel

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Kiel, Schleswig Holstein, Germany)

Kiel Port serves four passenger routes to four different destinations with conventional ferries in operation all year round.

Daily sailings go to Göthenburg with Stena Line; Oslo with Color Line; Bagenkop in Denmark with Langeland; and Klaipeda in Lithuania with Lisco Baltic Service.

Kiel to Göthenburg

The Kiel to Göthenburg ferry route is run by the hugely successful Stena Line, with overnight crossings occurring every day (13 hours, 30 minutes). Ferries are large and well-equipped. The port of Göthenburg, on Sweden's west coast, is a major facility with substantial facilities including a comfortable passenger lounge, a shop and a café.

Kiel to Oslo

Color Line runs the overnight service to Oslo in a time of 19 hours aboard the large MS Kronprins Harald. This is a daily service. Oslo Port is right in the heart of Oslo, making this a very popular route. Terminal facilities are fairly limited, with a simple departure lounge and a coffee shop.

Kiel to Bagenkop

Ferries to Denmark call at the nearby island of Langeland, namely the port of Bagenkop, and are run by Langeland. Crossings take about 2 hours, 50 minutes and run twice daily, apart from Sunday where there is just the one sailing. There is no service on Mondays. Situated on the southern tip of Langeland, Bagenkop Port has limited facilities, although you can find a restaurant in the port and a supermarket is located nearby.

Kiel to Klaipeda

The Kiel to Klaipeda (Lithuania) ferry service is an overnight, 24-hour affair that is run by Lisco Baltic Service, a passenger and cargo service. Klaipeda State Seaport is Lithuania's biggest and most important transport hub and has good passenger facilities.

Kiel Port

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